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Anniversary Post!

Today May 1st 2023, marks the one year anniversary of Studio Niyet.

Niyet was started because we wanted to tell certain stories through comics, which resonated with us. We read a lot of comics and we have felt certain affection towards some of the works. Both Rameeza and I discuss the comics which we have read afterwards and we engage in long discussions on the character's journey and the reasons why we like a particular book.

So when I started making comics in 2019, there were many ideas which were in my head, which I wanted to turn into comics. All these stories which both of us approved started to occupy a special place in our heart. Eventually we felt that if we were going to make all these comics why not try to bring them out under a common name.

That was how the idea of Niyet was born.

The Turkish word "Niyet" means intention. But most Indians would be familiar with variations of the same word. It's the word which Shahrukh says in Chak de India.

"Aaj pehli baar mujhe Niyyath dikhi hain Krishna ji" :)

But this word also has a deep connection with me. i have always believed that whenever you start a journey our intention or 'Niyet' has to be pure. So even when you become cynical or jaded during the journey you can always fall back to your Niyet to find your bearing.

(Asif Ali and Bina Asif Ali (Sanid's parents) inaugurating Studio Niyet website with our children, Amina, Haleema and Khadeeja last year.)

Currently Niyet features books like Hope On : An Anthology of Comics, Gustoso!, Krishnavanam, Glasses, Once Upon a Time in Utopia and Balu, Smile ( ebook).

Today we are announcing our new project "Cat Needs a Friend!" A children's picture book for toddlers.

Thanks for being so supportive of our small business.

We hope to bring more meaningful comics and picture books in the future.

Stay Blessed!


Sanid Asif Ali,

co-founder, Studio Niyet

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